Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The newbie - timelapse photography preparation

Wish I knew about time lapse when my grandaughter
pointed out the little wheels in the garden.
Oh no!  We have to do time-lapse photography for our next meeting.  My camera is an Olympus OM-D EM5.  It does not have a time-lapse setting.

Off to google and I find this fellow -

It seems very tricky:

  • Find the anti-shock menu item in the Exposure / ISO settings under the gear menu
  • Set the time interval to the appropriate number of seconds (OK to save)
  • When you are taking the photo Super Control Panel and choose the High Speed Anti-Shock option 
  • Put a rubber band over the shutter to lock it down.  You can use a remote cable but I don't have one
So I think I am ready for this one.  Photos later.

Of course I could also use my mobile phone - I have found there are quite a few apps to download to the phone that offer the same options.  The review seem to recommend Lapse It.  I'll try the free version.

I have a cute little tripod for my phone.  

Now I have to pick the subject.  What to do?

More to come when I have a set of photos that are OK to share!  

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