Saturday, April 5, 2014

Urban Forest Field Trip - March 2014

Cameras at the ready we wandered down to the urban forest in Malvern East.  This was a good chance for Trevor to remind everyone to concentrate on their posture and camera grip but also gave us time to compose our pictures and look for the things that most interested us in the forest.

The Newbie - Things I didn't know No 1: Posture and camera grip

Testing out the camera
What am I doing here?  People are talking about how deep their fields are and how many stops on their camera?  They have shutters up and they can expose their pictures.  Should have done a class before I came?  Will I look foolish? Do I have to do anything on the first night?

That was where I started.  This is a generous group and I have learnt a thing or two since I began.

Not all tripods are created equal

(Reposted) I’ve often told my students that sometimes a cheap tripod is better than no tripod at all, but I’m starting to rethink that philosophy.  A few years back a well-meaning lady friend bought me lightweight tripod from Aldi as a gift.  From memory, I think it retailed for around $25 at the time.  It is lightweight and easy to carry and came in a neat little sleeve with a carry strap.  I have used it a few times, mostly indoors or on still days and I always thought it was adequate with my small Olympus C-750 bridge camera.