Useful Links

This page will grow as we receive suggestions from members: Feel free to send recommendations to ppcameraclub10atgmaildotcom and I will add them to the list below.
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Photography is a subjective art form. Some of the sites listed here may include images of nudity or inappropriate humour. If something on one of these sites offends you simply use your Browser's BACK button and don't visit it again! Content on this site is in no way authorised by the centre that this group attends.

Buying a camera

If you are looking to buy a camera and wanting to research your purchase Online, have a look at DPReview and DCResource.
DP Review
DC Resource

For a site with a slightly different spin, Zone-10 is brimming with interesting articles and advice. Primarily biased toward Olympus users, the site nevertheless has much to offer to all.

Photo Samples

Here are some fabulous link from Geoff:
The first is from the Boston Globe and shows photos taken in Russia between 1909 and 1912 - IN COLOUR. Have a look at
Russia in colour
The second is called The Living Image Vintage Camera Museum
The Living Image

The Whirlpool Forums are primarily to do with Internet and Computer related info but they do have an active photography section. You need to be a member to post responses, but not to read - anyone is free to browse the articles. You can start at
Whirlpoof Forums - Photography

Have you seen the user photos that appear in Google Earth? Add your own and share them with the world using Panoramio. It's here.

Workshops / Tutorials

Bern Wood presented a very informative workshop on "Composition" to the group.
Here are some links she found for us.  The first is to an interactive tutorial on composition while the second is the home page of the "American School of Paris, Photography Class" where you will find other interesting photographic tips.

Beginners Guide