Thursday, August 6, 2015

More on macros

Macro photography is usually defined as extremely close up photography of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.

It can require specialised lenses which can focus close up to the object being photographed.  A number of issues arise.  Lighting is critical.   Camera shake at slow speed becomes problematic but the most difficult aspect is depth of field and keeping the whole object in sharp focus.  In our work shop we experienced all of these and discussed way of solving them.

Orchid lit with spot light
Camera hand held close enough to fill frame with spike
using 60 mm lens 1/400 @4.5 ISO 200
using external light source from a spot light

true macro
sharp focus is in wrong spot
hand held using external spot light
60mm lens set to macro so focused in close to object
at 1/200 @F 7.1  ISO 400
object fills the frame
note despite small aperture focus is limited and
on top leaf not on stamen of flower where it should be
Sugar rose hand held spot littrue macro note shallow depth 
and limited focus range
Challenging to keep definition
60 mm lens  1/160 f @6,ISO 400 much better 

set up inside light box to control shadows and light
while photographing a small porcelain dog
using compact camera.
Result is high key shot 

coin detail
good detail  but lacking reference point
hard to get a feel for size again
limited focus even on flat surface is noticeable
focussed and detail only in the centre of photo
hand held using spot lit for lighting 60mm 1/125@ f9 ISO 800

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