Monday, May 19, 2014

Comparing cameras

A wide range of cameras for the group
Just thought that we would post a photo of the range of cameras that our photography group are using.  Whatever the camera, the main task is to learn all the controls and the limitations of the camera.

It is always exciting when someone finds another function or gets more control over their equipment. Some examples:
  • when you shoot a photo in the dark and nothing is being saved - face recognition may be accidentally left on and so the camera won't take the shot.
  • there is a magnification system on some cameras that help you to focus on the edges when you finally switch off the auto and get to manual mode - yay....
  • The Olympus 12-50mm lens has a manual and an electronic mode for focussing - each is easily clicked into place by moving the lens away from or back towards the camera BUT there is also a macro mode which you access by holding a little button on the side 
  • this list goes on - something new everytime we get together for an exercise!

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