Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Newbie - Things I didn't know No 1: Posture and camera grip

Testing out the camera
What am I doing here?  People are talking about how deep their fields are and how many stops on their camera?  They have shutters up and they can expose their pictures.  Should have done a class before I came?  Will I look foolish? Do I have to do anything on the first night?

That was where I started.  This is a generous group and I have learnt a thing or two since I began.

You'll now find me creeping around with my camera looking sideways and crossways at things to plan my compositions and even, wait for this one, turning off the auto button on the camera and twiddling the dials!

People have given me so many tips!

Obviously everything depends on your camera - buttons and settings differ and the camera's possibilities are influenced by the lens and other things. Off to youtube.  I searched for my camera name and model.  I found some product reviews that were not very helpful but then I found a gem that showed the buttons and dials giving examples of what they do by Ralf.  There are many videos to help with my camera - some complex but interesting and some that I will understand later.

This is far too complicated for now so I will concentrate on a few other things.

Things I didn't know No 1: Posture and camera grip

How you stand and how you hold your camera is important.  It gives you the stability to take a clear photo. I thought you could just grab the camera, lift and click.  And you can of course.  But if you want better photos you make sure that you are holding the camera STILL.  This means you have to:

  • stand firmly
  • support the weight of the camera with your hand 
  • support your hands on a stable surface where appropriate
  • keep the camera close to your body so your arms are supported

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